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Sales For Non-Commercial Vendors

One of the most popular events at HamCation. There's always something you want and probably someone selling it. There is ample space available for tailgating at Orlando HamCation. All tailgate spaces are 20'x20' and cost $50 before Dec 1st and $55 after Dec 1st per space for the entire weekend.

Important Information

  • ALL credentials will be held at the Tailgate check-in area for pick up on your arrival. Nothing will be mailed out.
  • All spaces are first come, first served.
  • Advance reservations are strongly encouraged because of the tremendous popularity of the Orlando HamCation and tailgating.
  • Tailgaters are permitted in on Thursday February 11th, 2020 at 7:00AM till 7:00PM, but are responsible for marking their space as taken with markers of some kind, roping off or leaving tables in the space. In the same way, spaces must also be indicated as taken on Friday and Saturday evening if you plan to return the next day. Remember, not all tailgaters participate the entire three days.
  • Available/unmarked spaces will be reassigned on Saturday and Sunday. Please note that spaces for tailgating are assigned when you arrive.
  • All tailgaters must have an admission ticket.
  • Please note that a tailgater who stays overnight pays the overnight fee of $35 per night before Dec 1st and $40 per night after Dec 1st plus the tailgate fee of $50 before Dec 1 and $55 after Dec 1.

Purchasing Your Tailgate Space

Tailgate spaces are available using our online system and by postal mail until January 31st, 2021. DO NOT MAIL IN A REGISTRATION FOR Tailgate spaces AFTER THIS DATE!

Registration Closed!

Please look for the Tail Gate Registration to open around August 1, 2020 for HamCation 2021.

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