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CS2 | 9:15AM
Software Defined Radio SDR
Steve Brightman (KI5ENW)
Saturday, 9:15AM - 10:15AM Software Defined Radio / SDR Moderator: Steve Brightman, KI5ENW This talk covers the basics of SDRs and how they have evolved from simple dongles. Some non-traditional radio applications made possible by the advent of affordable, high-performance SDRs (including adding panadapter capabilities to an existing rig) are discussed. We will show how an SDR radio can be broadly split into halves, the hardware to receive the signals and the software to process them. The software is a true differentiator and continues to evolve to extract maximum performance and new capabilities from the hardware. Without delving into the technical side too deeply this review has proven popular with both new and experienced users contemplating the jump into the rapidly growing field of SDRs, or wanting to make the most of the capabilities they offer. Bio: Steve, KI5ENW, is a veteran of the semiconductor industry having worked at Texas Instruments, Dallas Semiconductor and Maxim. He has worked on RF circuits for consumer TV and radio applications as well as mobile communications devices and satellites. Now, reunited with former colleagues at SDRplay he enjoys putting his RF experience to practical use.
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