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The Award

The Gordon West Ambassador of the Year Award is presented annually to an outstanding Amateur who represents and inspires others and embodies the amateur radio spirit and has made outstanding contributions to the Amateur Radio community.

The Amateur will have shown a dedication and commitment to promoting amateur radio. The award will be bestowed by the Orlando HamCation® committee. The HamCation® Awards committee will oversee the nomination and screening process.

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  • A personal volunteer commitment to amateur radio.
  • A consistent record of promoting amateur radio.
  • Active participation in a variety of volunteer activities such as organizing amateur radio classes, promoting amateur radio with the news media, and on social media, promoting amateur radio to the non-amateur radio community, being a presenter at hamfests and club meetings, teaching creative and/or innovative ideas (Kludge), promote amateur radio technology, learning and new ideas on podcasts and live-streams,etc.
  • Current licensed Amateur Radio operator.

Nominations must be received by November 1 to be considered for an award to be bestowed at HamCation in February of the following year.

Selection Criteria

A nomination for the HamCation® Gordon West Ambassador of the Year Award should reflect the nominee’s exemplary service to the Amateur Radio community in the following categories:

  1. Type of Ambassador’s Contribution: Consider the services performed and activities undertaken, and the need for services or activities performed.
  2. Character of Ambassador’s Service: Consider creative, unique, or innovative characteristics of the nominee’s service and the quality of service (e.g., accomplishments, effort, enthusiasm, obstacles overcome, etc.).
  3. Breadth of Ambassador’s Contribution: Consider the length and degree of service, and community benefiting, directly or indirectly.
  4. Impact of Ambassador’s Service: Consider how the extent of the nominee’s action would be recognized and valued by their peers or community.

Eligible Service

  • Unpaid acts of service benefitting others. Travel stipends, transit/parking passes, membership passes, expense reimbursements, and other nominal support do not impact service eligibility.
  • Eligible Service does not include: Donating funds, Political lobbying, or Serving only family members.

Materials Required For Nomination

  • Information to support eligibility requirements, including a listing of the nominee’s activities performed during the past 5 years, or a description of a similar level of commitment and duration of service.
  • Recommendation from an amateur radio licensee, amateur radio organization, or service organization.

Additional Materials That Would Support a Nomination

  • Information about dedication and extraordinary personal commitment.
  • Candidate recommendations from receiving organizations, amateur radio operators, or colleagues. Endorsements can provide anecdotal information and should address the award’s criteria.

Gordon West Ambassador Award

Nomination Form

Alternately you can download the nomination form HERE and then email it when completed to awards@hamcation.com

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Nominee Information

Individual Submitting Nomination


Once you submit your nomination please email supporting information justifying the nomination to awards@hamcation.com!

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