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CS1 | 9:15AM
Evaluating HF Multi-band Wire
Gary Baker (K7EMF)
Friday, 9:15AM - 10:15AM Evaluating HF Multi-Band Wire Antenna Systems Presenter: Gary Baker, K7EMF A: "Antenna Gain Vs Antenna System Efficiency" 1) Define Antenna Gain (Omni Pattern?) 2) Define Antenna System Efficiency 3) Conclude—Ant Gain Vs Efficiency B: Feedline Characteristics 1) Characteristic Impedance, Matched-low SWR, Mismatched-No Simple Impedance Estimations 2) Coax-Need for Resonant Antenna—what happens when Antenna is Non-Resonant (define resonant antenna) 3) Feedline Loss Defined-Matched; Mis-Matched 4) Reflected Power—What does it really mean? 5) Feedline Acting Like A Transformer C: System Efficiency---The Big Picture 1) Demonstrate SimNec System Modeling—Where the "Rubber meets the road" D: Answer Questions
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