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Friday @ 3:00 PM   

GNU Radio work at ORI / FreeDV HF Voice Update 2022
Douglas Quagliana, Mel Whitten (KA2UPW, K0PFX)
Douglas Quagliana - Open Research Institute presents work on GNU Radio blocks. GNU Radio is an open source digital signal processing framework for software defined radios. Douglas will discuss the technical details of the blocks, where the various block codebases come from, and information on the ones published by and in progress at ORI. / Mel Whitten - Learn how to set up your HF station with open source FreeDV Digital Voice and enjoy the benefits of digital communications. Now in its tenth year of development, FreeDV has robust new modems, PSK Reporting, and remains compatible with your SSB transceiver. Come and see how this technology can work for you on the HF bands.
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