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Saturday @ 10:00 AM

LO and Waveform Generation Using Advanced PLL and Direct Digital Techniques
Ray Baker (K9RY)
"Target audience for this session is RF designers and advanced hobbyists. Microwave local oscillators once required a low noise crystal oscillator and a Swiss-watch multiply-filter chain. But recent improvements to integrated PLL-VCO devices now offer solid performance to beyond 30 GHz in a single monolithic chip. Similar leaps in multi-giga-sample DAC technology allows direct generation of complex modulated waveforms from DC to several GHz. This talk offers an under-the-hood look at these devices and a brief live demonstration of both technologies. Presenter : Ray Baker, K9RY, is a 40+ year Extra Class holder, and has designed RF circuits and systems for NASA, E-Systems, Raytheon, and others. For the last 20+ years he has been an RF Field Applications Engineer and is currently the Southeast Region RF FAE for Analog Devices. "
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