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Friday @ 12:30 PM   

Open Research Institute, Inc., TAPR - TangerineSDR Update, or How to build an SDR without any parts
Scotty Cowling (WA2DFI)
"Please join Scotty Cowling WA2DFI for an update on TAPR’s TangerineSDR system. A quick introduction to the component modules will be followed by status of each. He will cover the Data Engine (DE), RF Module (RFM), Clock Module (CKM) and Magnetometer Module (MagPi}. TAPR is central to amateur radio culture. TAPR hosts the annual Digital Communications Conference, publishes a widely-read technical conference proceeding, and sends out an informative newsletter to members. TAPR sustains an enduring community of volunteers that consistently produce fast, flexible, and truly useful open source designs for the discerning amateur experimenter. "
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