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Friday @ 11:15 AM   

VP8PJ DX-pedition to Signy Island, Antarctica
Gene Spinelli (K5GS)
"VP8PJ DX-pedition to Signy Island, Antarctica What’s it like to board the Braveheart at Punta Arenas, Chile and sail for 6 days to 60 degrees south? What approvals do you need to land on an Antarctic Island, ferry thousands of pounds of equipment to the island, establish a campsite and operate radio for 2 weeks, non stop. How did we get the equipment to the campsite, install tents capable of withstanding Antarctic winds, rain, snow and ice? What radios, amplifiers and antennas did they use? Where did they get electrical power, food, and water? How many contacts did they make to how many countries and to how many different call signs? "
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