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The 180 Year History of Telegraph Keys and their Current Values
Tom Perera (W1TP)
"The 180 Year History of TELEGRAPH KEYS and their current values Professor Tom Perera - W1TP The invention of the Electric Telegraph revolutionized communication and led to the development of all forms of digital technology and the internet. Messages that would have taken days or months to deliver could be sent in a fraction of a second. As with all revolutionary technological advances, controversies arose about who was the first to invent this technology. Manufacturing companies competed with each other for the lucrative telegraph key market and military customers demanded specialized technology. As time went on, the earliest telegraph keys became very valuable collectors items. This talk will trace the evolution of telegraph keys and telegraph key designs and provide up-to-date information about their current values. Tom Perera has been an active ham radio operator for over 65 years. He has been collecting and researching telegraph keys since he was first licensed. His telegraph museum website: is the go-to website for all telegraph key information. It contains 3000 pictures and descriptions of telegraph keys. His book: Telegraph Key Collector's Guidebook, his Telegraph Key Collectors CD-ROM library and his many lectures and demonstrations provide additional information about telegraph key history. "
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