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Educator Of The Year Award


The Award

The Carole Perry Educator of the Year Award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution educating and advancing youth in Amateur Radio. This individual will have a history of dedication to working with youth, being a role model and advancing youth in the science of radio communication.

The award will be bestowed by the Orlando HamCation® committee. The HamCation Awards committee will oversee the nomination and screening process.

carole perry award


  • Fulfills registration requirements with the youth organization that the nominee is working with.
  • Maintains current youth protection/safe environment training status with the youth organization that nominee is working with.
  • Holds an Amateur Radio license.

Note: Candidates for this award may be nominated for past service even though they may not be currently active. However, eligibility requirements and all selection criteria apply to all nominees.

Nominations must be received by November 1 to be considered for an award to be bestowed at HamCation in February of the following year.

Selection Criteria

  • Use creative approaches to encourage youth to pursue an interest in STEM with a focus in radio communication
  • Provides youth with information about the variety of activities and operating modes available to radio amateurs.
  • Use creative instructional approaches and engaging hands-on radio activities.
  • Model the highest values of educating youth and the greater amateur radio community (dedication to youth education, learning, courtesy, importance of adhering to FCC rules, voluntary service to community, etc.)
  • Demonstrates follow through and personal commitment to educating youth in radio communications and amateur radio. Examples include, but not limited to, instructing youth in radio communications, helping youth get on the air, coordinating radio communication events, organizing a school radio club, setting up Elmers to work with youth amateurs assisting in their transition to the local amateur radio community
  • Personal enthusiasm and ability to recruit youth to study radio communications and study for an amateur license.

Materials Required For Nomination

  • Information to support eligibility requirements, including listing of youth education activities held during the past 5 years, or description of similar level of commitment and duration of service.
  • Recommendation from an Amateur Radio licensee.

Additional Materials That Would Support a Nomination

  • Information of dedication and extraordinary personal commitment to educating youth.
  • Examples of youth being instructed in the science of radio communication.
  • Information on the nominee inspiring youth and being admired in such a way that the youth want to emulate them.
  • Candidate recommendations from former students or local amateur radio observers, school officials or colleagues, non-ham community groups. Endorsements can provide anecdotal information and should address the criteria for receiving the award.
  • Summary of youth amateur radio related projects, such as science fair projects or enrichment projects.

Carole Perry Award

Nomination Form

Alternately you can download the nomination form HERE and then email it when completed to awards@hamcation.com

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Once you submit your nomination please email supporting information justifying the nomination to awards@hamcation.com!

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